Clark Turnipseed new broker at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Special to The Log
Clark Turnipseed

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast has introduced Clark Turnipseed as their new broker. He brings experience in strong finance after having worked many years as a mortgage broker associate and seven years as a Realtor on the Emerald Coast. With more than 20 years in corporate management and sales, Turnipseed understands what it means to provide service, attention to detail and follow up. 

John Holahan, president/owner of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast, said, “Clark was a natural for our organization because he has been working four years side by side with me. We have a hands-on transparent culture in our office as we bounce around ideas and hold each other accountable to our goals whether they are personal or business. The one-on-one coaching we provide in our office is one of our many unique identifiers and we have all grown from it."

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate opened on the Emerald Coast in September 2014 and plans to grow strategically larger. 

“What we mean by strategic is that we are very intentional when bringing on new agents," said Mary Lurk, director. "Not every Realtor is a great fit for our office as we do not just bring in agents for the numbers. We are looking for agents who need more tools, resources or time to make their business grow to the next level. That’s where we can help a 'good' Realtor achieve 'great' status.”

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, call Turnipseed at 850-837-8880.