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Home Help: Tried-and-true tips for your kitchen remodel

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When remodeling your kitchen, it can be tricky to know where to start. Certified Kitchen Designer MaryJo Camp has been there, in more ways than one. As a designer certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Camp has designed thousands of kitchens in her 35-year career, including her own. With a newfound personal understanding of remodeling challenges, Camp has pulled together her top tips for a successful kitchen revamp.

Require contractor references

As you start to look for kitchen designers and contractors, ask for references from their last few jobs and call those references to ask about the experience. Ask specific questions: How did they leave the jobsite? Are they loud? Did they show up too early?

Traditional vs. contemporary

You may find yourself gravitating toward a kitchen style that will look foreign in your current house. By adding unexpected elements, you can incorporate more contemporary finishes in a traditional space, or vice versa, without completely disconnecting from the house style. Look for brands like Neolith (neolith.com) that offer a multitude of style options for the larger surface areas of your kitchen.

A little space can add a lot

When working with a smaller kitchen, resist the urge to put cabinets everywhere. Less-common design options, like running cabinets along only one wall, selecting mid-high cabinets, or implementing an art wall, can do wonders to break up the space.


Looking to make some home improvements to maximize your return on investment when you’re ready to sell? According to the 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value report released earlier this year by Remodeling and Realtor magazines, kitchen remodels, additions and curb appeal-boosting exterior projects offer the best bang for your buck.


Practicality is key, especially when it comes to countertops. Softer stones like marble are beautiful, but also very delicate and require special care. If you’re looking for a material that gives the look of a natural stone, but can stand up to anything, consider an all-natural sintered compact surface.


Be smart with soil. Whether it’s a flower or vegetable garden bed or containers, the secret’s in the soil, where roots develop and sustain life. Invest in the proper tools to keep this foundation strong, such as Professional Soil Modifier from Profile Products, which improves water and nutrient retention, keeping vital elements in the root zone longer. For more information, visit profilegrow.com.