Tips to sell your beach house

Pat Fisher
Pat Fisher

I love how everyone is texting and abbreviating words. My new one is YAM. You Are Moving, cause someone else will be taking over when it sells.

Walk in the front door and look up. What do you see? Spider webs, dust, bugs, worse. Clean it. Remove anything that is obstructing the entry. YAM.

One of the biggest impacts on a potential buyer is the kitchen. Being at the beach, it can be cute but watch out for the crowded feeling — too much stuff. Clean off those countertops. And, clean, clean, clean. It must sparkle. Replace faucets that don't come clean. Small investment — big return. YAM.

Second biggie, the bathrooms. Pack up all your personal items and put them in a basket (or baskets) under the counter or on a shelf. YAM. Clean everything, those faucets need to sparkle. If they don't, replace them, not very expensive and makes a big impression on germophobes. This goes for the tub and shower faucets too. If there's a rug, make sure it's clean and new looking, or just remove it. Check the shower curtain, time to get a new liner if yours is streaked or discolored. Cheap fix. YAM.

Go into every room and look up, make sure to clean fans or light fixtures. Are all the bulbs working? Do they all match? If not, get new ones that match, all same wattage and size. Once again, pack up — you are moving. Make the rooms look as large as possible by having very little in the room. People can't imagine their stuff in there if your stuff is overwhelming them. Remove personal photos. YAM.

Besides the kitchen and baths the next biggie to buyers is the curb appeal. Go outside and look at your house from the street. Does it have any? Good time to prune or remove old shrubs, cut grass, add flowers, remove the weeds, clean up the walkway to the front door, make it inviting. If you can't decide, buy a coastal home and garden magazine and copy. Cheap fix. YAM.

Pack up all the toys. (Big kids toys too.) From the outside and inside. Remove any motor vehicles that don't work anymore. Put the kids toys, bikes, jungle gyms, swing sets, etc. in the back yard. Don't park on the grass. YAM.

If there is a garage, clean the concrete flooring or paint it. Clean in there too. Bugs, spiders, ants, yuck. And pack up anything that is not staying. YAM.

When you've packed up everything that you can, order a POD. POD's are great, they deliver it to your house, you pack it up and when it's full they will store it or deliver it. Your schedule. I've used them and they are a little expensive, but so much easier than having a storage building. Worth it. YAM.

I'd like to say a little about closets. Most of the time they aren't big enough — never big enough. So, pack it up, give it away, de-clutter. Hang your clothes with a finger space (or two) between, fold everything on shelves and stack evenly, make it look like your favorite boutique. Downsize and clean, clean, clean. YAM.

Lastly, make sure any valuables and prescription medications are locked up out of site. You never know who will be walking through your house and you don't want to lose those. YAM.

Word when selling your beach house — YAM. And, remember I'm only a text or call away.

Pat Fisher, broker/associate at LAH Real Estate at the Beach,has been selling real estate on the coast since 1994. She can be reached at