Kitchen must-haves for holiday hosting

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Kitchen must-haves for holiday hosting


With the right preparation and kitchen set up, hosting a holiday feast can be as enjoyable as sitting down to savor that delicious holiday meal. Having the right kitchen appliances and making sure they are working properly before you begin can go a long way toward a successful holiday gathering with friends and family.

“Whether you’re looking for new appliances to upgrade your kitchen or are in need of an appliance repair before the holidays, you don’t need to go it alone,” said James Coyle, president of home appliances at Sears, a leading retailer of home appliances in the United States and the only retailer that sells the top 10 appliance brands, including Kenmore. “Our house experts are trained to provide you with appliance solutions to get your home ready for a great holiday.”

Make meal prep simple. From turkey roasters and fryers to slow cookers and stand mixers, there are dozens of ways to simplify your meal prep and help ensure perfect results. Many dishes using roasters and slow cookers, for example, require little attention once the food starts cooking. But even appliances that tend to command more attention, such as the range, can lend a helping hand and save precious time with the right features on board.

One innovative option is the Kenmore PRO 5.1 cubic foot self-clean gas True Convection range, uses Accela-Heat Technology, which is designed to cook foods straight from the refrigerator or freezer without preheating. The Temperature Probe feature precisely monitors food temperature so cooks can determine when food is baked to the exact temperature. This freestanding range boasts a professional built-in look without the need to modify kitchen cabinetry.

Keep clean-up to a minimum. When appetites are satisfied and the meal winds down, it’s time to turn attention to clean up - which is typically the least pleasant aspect of holiday hosting. Now you can make cleaning up faster and more convenient. With its adjustable RackMatic system, the Bosch 24-inch 800 Series Built-In Dishwasher allows the top rack to move to three different heights and nine positions. An added bonus is the quiet 44-decibel sound level that won’t disrupt conversations after dinner.

Other time-savers to consider: a powerful garbage disposal to help make quick work of any remnants left on plates and a double basin sink so you can soak pans while also rinsing off fine china, wooden cutlery and other items you prefer to hand wash.

Enjoy leftovers longer. Though some delicious dishes may get scraped clean by enthusiastic guests, chances are, you’ll have leftovers for days. A freezer is an ideal solution for long-term storage of leftovers. For the portions you’ll want to serve again soon, a refrigerator with ample cooling power is a must. The Kenmore PRO French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator features GeniusCool Technology, which cools the refrigerator and freezer separately to help food stay fresh. As added perks, the slim ice maker is hidden in the door to provide more top shelf and door bin space, and a cantilevered four-bottle wine rack conveniently stores refreshments.

When it’s finally time to enjoy those leftovers, a microwave will allow you to quickly reheat your dishes long after you’re satisfied guests have left. Microwaves that double as convection ovens are ideal because they help thick carvings of meat retain moisture.