Linda Miller represents the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents in Scenic Hwy. 30A

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
John Brian Losh and Linda Miller

Known as the “Smile of 30-A,” Linda Miller has been a fixture in the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network since she joined in October of 2012. As the vice president and broker of Rosemary Beach Realty, Miller is a paragon of dedication and enthusiasm for her work. Proving herself to be a leader in the real estate industry with longstanding success in her luxury market, she was selected to exclusively represent the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents brand along Scenic Hwy 30-A in Florida.

The Board of Regents is the evolution of the Board of Governors, the leadership body that has determined the direction of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate since 1986. Serving on the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents, Miller enjoys prime placement on the award-winning website,, and has the unique opportunity to network with like-minded real estate professionals around the world. Through exclusive meetings and events, Regents establish powerful connections that allow them to collaborate with one another on a personal level, further increasing their global reach and more effectively showcasing their local properties and expertise on an international scale.

With $101,000,000 in total listings and $52,000,000 in sold properties for 2015 thus far, Miller leads the #1 office on Scenic Hwy 30-A, proudly representing the premier traditional neighborhood development in the wealthiest zip code in Florida.

“Linda is a first rate luxury real estate professional and a wonderful person,” says John Brian Losh, chairman and publisher of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate since its inception in 1986. “We are honored to have her continuing service on the Board of Regents.”

A staple at Luxury Real Estate conferences, Linda’s infamous smile is hard to miss. Her engagement with the Luxury Real Estate has solidified her as one of the leaders in the modern world of luxury real estate, and with the Board of Regents’ exclusive tools at her disposal, her legacy continues to grow.

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