4 PR trends shaping up for 2016

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The Destin Log

Planning to get the word out about your business in the new year? Learn about a few public relations practices that are set to be big in 2016. highlights a few trends:

1. The traditional press release is dead.

The standard press release has faded. “Rather than trying to gain media coverage through ineffective press releases of a time gone by, it’s critical for PR professionals and marketers to embrace new and different ways of getting news about our offerings and accomplishments to our audience members,” notes. “Take advantage of social media, develop relationships with industry leaders and influencers, and incorporate quality visuals in your messages to get the attention of journalists and outlets that can help you spread your message.”

2. Focus on content amplification.

Explore several channels to promote your messaging and focus on ways you can amplify your content to ensure more people see it. The quality of your content is key to that. “When you start with good content, amplifying it to your targeted audience becomes much easier, and you’ll find even more avenues for you and your team to distribute it,” notes. “In addition to social media, including new content in lead generation, and nurturing events — from infographics to whitepapers and articles — the sales process, marketing newsletters, and even email signatures can get more of the right eyes on your content and amplify your message.”

3. Online reputation is critical.

If you’re looking to score media attention, realize that the first thing most journalists will do once you pitch them a story is search who are and what your company does online. What will they find about you online? “When someone searches you and finds solid content around your brand, your expertise, and your company, you essentially pass his or her test,” notes. “Thus, your chance of acceptance to his or her publication increases. But if there isn’t much content (or if the content you do have is negative), a relationship with you isn’t worth the risk.” Consistently create and publish quality content to better manage your online reputation.

4. Explore paid promotion and social ads.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 content benchmark report says more than 50 percent of business-to-business marketing professionals use social ads and promoted posts to distribute content. More marketers are turning to such paid social efforts, and they say they’re seeing higher returns from it too. Look for new ways to invest in paid social distribution and to reach new audiences, according to

This article was contributed to The Log by the National Association of Realtors.