5 overused home decor trends in 2015

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Will 2015 be remembered as the year of skull home accents and clear 'ghost chairs'? Many design experts hope not. Huffington Post writer Deborah Stachelski recently asked home decor experts to name 15 of their least favorite and most overused interior design trends from 2015.

Home stagers and sellers should be aware that potential buyers may be sick of seeing these decor options, and that some of these trends will make a home look extremely dated by next year.

Here are the five design themes and trends experts think should stay in 2015.

Welcome to the jungle

A few years ago, bird accents were the big trend in decor, while 2015 was the year of the antler. Antlers popped up on walls, chandeliers, and even on toilet paper holders. While they do add a pop of drama to a room, "These days, they feel almost cliché," says Stachelski.

Not only were antlers a hit this year, so were animal heads as home accents. This decor trend probably only works in a very small number of home environments and would not be recommended for general staging purposes.

Writing on the walls

2015 was the year of expressive walls. From dramatically painted accent walls, to inspiration quotes and wall decals, and the omnipresent black chalkboard, walls were having a moment. The black chalkboard wall in particular is seen as overdone by design experts. Stachelski says "In theory, rooms painted to resemble blackboards have an old-timey awesomeness. In reality, they're dusty repositories of half-erased stick figures and long-forgotten shopping lists. Plus, everyone you know already jumped on this trend, and possibly already jumped off."

Overused design styles

The two most overdone design aesthetics according to experts: ombré and 'boutique hotel chic.' Ombré is self-explanatory, but 'boutique hotel chic' style is hard to explain, you just know it when you see it. It's centered around minimalism which doesn't make a home environment feel very welcoming or cozy.

Novelty touches

It's always a good idea to add personality to a home's decor, but certain humorous and whimsical design touches need to stay in 2015. According to the Huffington Post, Buddha heads, see-through plastic 'ghost chairs,' mustache design elements, and skull accessories are no longer considered a pleasant novelty by many would-be buyers.

Rustic letters

Popular design blogs in 2015 made metal letter accents a go-to design accent, but the trick for owners and stagers is to not go overboard. "Our advice is to take it easy and only have one that has meaning, and not one on every wall, corner, door, credenza, and room of your house," says Stachelski.

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