Destin Garden Club to meet April 11

Special to The Log

"Outside The Box" will be the lecture given by Joe Taverniti at 9:15 a.m. April 11 for the Destin Garden Club. The meeting will be held at the Destin Library, 150 Sibert Ave.

Taverniti grows a large collection of palms, bananas, bamboos and other subtropical plants that can tolerate our winters here in the panhandle, although they are not commonly grown in the area.

He graduated from Michigan State University with a major in horticulture. After graduation he lived in Pensacola for officer and flight training with the Navy and spent the next 21 years flying as a Navy pilot. Upon retiring from the Navy, he attended Pensacola Junior College to learn about the medical field and has been in nursing for 24 years. He is the current president of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the International Palm Society.

Meetings are always free and open to the general public. The Destin Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 9:15. The third Tuesday of each month the club works to maintain the Destin Library grounds. For those wishing to join the club, membership is available for $35 a year and gives members access to garden tours, bus trips to special events, workshops, luncheons and more.

The object of the club is to stimulate the love of gardening among members; to promote gardening through community projects; to aid in the protection of birds, trees shrubs and flowers; to encourage city beautification and to share with members and others the fruit of our studies.

For questions about this meeting/lecture or the club please call 660-341-8900.