Gifted Native American flutist featured performer

Special to The Log
Gareth Laffely takes the stage at noon April 29 during Musical Echoes.

Gifted 15-year-old Native American flutist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer Gareth Laffely brings “The Journey” Tour 2014 to the Musical Echoes Festival Main Stage at noon April 29 during the Native American Flute Festival 2014 at Fort Walton Landing in Fort Walton Beach,

Laffaly, along with Shelley Morningsong, Jonny Lipford, Billy Whitefox, Painted Raven, Emerson Begay, Michael Brant DeMaria, Dock Green, Lowery Begay, Michael Searching Bear, Sydney Mitchell, Ed Winddancer and Nation of Change Dancers are the featured performers. 

Remarkably talented well beyond his years, Laffely has been touching lives and moving souls by tugging at heartstrings of many all over the world. In his short lifetime, he has shown a unique, rare, and undeniable innate ability to make others happy through his music. Whether expressing an emotion or simply conveying an important message for change, he has faced sensitive issues head-on to great aplomb and challenges teens everywhere to get involved with a cause to help make their community a better place. His unquestionable sincerity and thoughtfulness in wanting to make a difference in the lives of others is truly heartfelt, infectious, and very influential and persuasive. 

“This Time” features Laffely on vocal and Native American Flute and was co-written by him with Robert White Johnson and Susan Oliver and promotes an anti-bully message which he takes into schools; performing and teaching what bullying is and its prevention. “Move On” was written after a dear family friend passed away from cancer. Laffely penned the song to help the family deal with the loss. Gareth went on to gain national attention with his music video for “Move On” and began performing at cancer events around the country. He donates all proceeds from the song to cancer.