Filmed in Brevard County: 25 movies and TV shows that were filmed on Florida's Space Coast

Brevard County has been a backdrop for films and television shows over the years. At one time, Central Florida was referred to as "Hollywood East" by industry executives. Brevard has a special advantage with its natural beauty and long history with the space industry.

It's no surprise that many of the films shot on the Space Coast have to do with, well, space. Kennedy Space Center has been a popular location for movies about space exploration and adventure.

But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find other star-studded film projects on the list as well. Here's a roundup of 25 movies and television shows filmed in Brevard.

'Moonraker' (1979)

Roger Moore (right, with Lois Chiles) took 007 to space with 'Moonraker.'

James Bond investigates the theft of a space shuttle from its carrier plane in this movie released two years before the first shuttle flight. Starring Roger Moore, the movie features scenes shot at the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. 

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'Jaws 3-D' (1983)

Starring Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong and Simon MacCorkindale, "Jaws 3-D" was described by critics as a "cheese-soaked ocean thriller."

The third installment of the monster shark franchise, starring Dennis Quaid and Lea Thompson, saw a giant shark trapped in a SeaWorld theme park. Portions of the movie were filmed on Minutemen Causeway in Cocoa Beach.

'SpaceCamp' (1986)

The adventure movie starring Kate Capshaw, Joaquin Phoenix and Lea Thompson is about kids who mistakenly launch into orbit aboard a space shuttle. Kennedy Space Center was one of the filming locations. 

'Space' (1985)

The miniseries detailing James A. Michner’s fictional account of the American space program, starring James Garner, filmed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (now known as Cape Canaveral Space Force Station) and Kennedy Space Center in 1984. 

'Matinee' (1993)

In "Matinee," master showman Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman) explains his Atomo-Vision, a horror-movie promotion stunt he plans to unveil during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Scenes were filmed at Cocoa Village Playhouse.

This offbeat nostalgic comedy starring John Goodman, about a small-time film promoter who releases a kitschy horror film during the Cuban Missile Crisis, filmed at Cocoa Village Playhouse in May 1992. 

'Apollo 13' (1995)

Kevin Bacon, left, Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton star as the crew of an ill-fated lunar mission in the 1995 summer movie Apollo 13.

Ron Howard’s famous thriller about the ill-fated 1970 Apollo mission, starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton, filmed scenes at Kennedy Space Center. 

'Operation Dumbo Drop' (1995)

The cast of "Operation Dumbo Drop" (1995) were in Brevard County to film a scene at Valkaria Airport.

The Disney film starring Ray Liotta and Danny Glover was inspired by a true story of an army operation to deliver an elephant to Vietnamese villagers. A crumbling runway at Valkaria Airport in Palm Bay became a stand-in for southeast Asia.

'Marvin’s Room' (1996)

Meryl Streep played mom to Leonardo DiCaprio in "Marvin's Room."

In this drama starring Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Diane Keaton, an independent woman and her rebellious son return home to Florida to reconnect with family. The movie was filmed in Rockledge in the summer of 1995.  

'The Cape' (1996)

Corbin Bernsen starred in the series "The Cape," filmed in Brevard County.

This short-lived television drama starring Corbin Bernsen depicted the professional and personal lives of astronauts training for the shuttle program. 13 episodes were filmed in Brevard County.

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'Contact' (1997)

Jodie Foster in the movie adaptation of Carl Sagan's 'Contact.'

In this adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel, Jodie Foster stars as an astronomer who finds evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence that includes plans for a mysterious machine. Portions of the movie were filmed at Kennedy Space Center. 

'From the Earth to the Moon' (1998)

The 1971 Apollo 15 command and service modules in lunar orbit, featured in HBO's inspiring miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon."

Tom Hanks narrated this miniseries, a dramatized portrayal of the Apollo manned space program. Portions of the series were filmed at Kennedy Space Center.

'Armageddon' (1998)

Bruce Willis (left) and Ben Affleck star as Harry S. Stamper and A.J. Frost in 1998's "Armageddon."

Starring Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Steve Buscemi, the space disaster movie filmed in Brevard in 1998. In the film, an oil-rig crew flies into space aboard a military space shuttle to destroy an asteroid headed for Earth. 

'Space Cowboys' (2000)

James Garner, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and Clint Eastwood pose for Warner Brothers Pictures' "Space Cowboys" in this July 2000 file photo.

Clint Eastwood’s movie features a retired engineer and his team who fly the shuttle to prevent a Russian satellite from crashing into Earth. Starring Eastwood, James Garner, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland, scenes were filmed at Kennedy Space Center.

'Things Behind the Sun' (2001)

Rebecca Scott of Cape Canaveral played a bartender in Allison Anders' movie, "Things Behind the Sun." The movie was filmed in Cocoa Beach.

This indie drama by filmmakers Allison Anders, who was raised in Brevard, and Kurt Voss, is about a young music journalist whose dark memories are awakened when he interviews a female rock singer. The film, featuring Eric Stoltz and Rosanna Arquette, shot scenes at the Titusville courthouse, Brevard County Detention Center in Sharpes, and locations around Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.

'Race to Space' (2001) 

James Woods stars in the movie about an animal trainer at NASA in the 1960s responsible for a chimpanzee who will go into space. Scenes from the film were shot on location at Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.

'I’ll Believe You' (2006)

Ed Helms prepares for a scene shot at local Melbourne restaurant Slackers Grill during filming of the movie "I'll Believe You," much of which was filmed in Brevard County.

The film about a disc jockey with a radio show about extraterrestrials stars David Alan Basche, Chris Elliott, Ed Helms, and Fred Willard. Scenes were filmed around Melbourne and at Titusville High School.

'The Number 23' (2007) 

Jim Carrey appears in a scene from the motion picture "The Number 23." Scenes were filmed on Brevard beaches.

In this psychological thriller starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen, a man becomes obsessed with a novel that he believes was written about him. Scenes were filmed on the shore of Cocoa Beach.

'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked' (2011)

The characters Brittany, voiced by Christina Applegate, Simon, voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler and Alvin, voiced by Justin Long, are shown in a scene from “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.” AP Photo | 20th Century Fox

Portions of the movie, featuring the talents of Justin Long, David Cross, Amy Poehler and Anna Faris, were filmed on the Port Canaveral-based Carnival Dream in January 2011. 

'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon' (2011)

Michael Bay on the set of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon.'

In the third installment of the sci-fi action franchise, the Autobots learn of a spacecraft hidden on the moon. Scenes from the movie, starring Shia LaBoeuf, Josh Duhamel, Frances McDormand and John Turturro, were filmed on Cape Canaveral and at Kennedy Space Center while shuttle Discovery was on the launch pad.

'The Martial Arts Kid' (2015)

"The Martial Arts Kid" is an anti-bullying film that was largely shot in the Brevard area.

The family action movie features a bullied teen who learns martial arts to gain confidence and self-defense skills. Starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Jansen Panettiere and Katheryn Newton, the movie filmed in Cocoa Beach, where it takes place.  

'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' (2015)

Ian Ziering as Fin Shepard in 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!'

In the movie, a tornado unleashes ravenous sharks from Washington D.C. all the way to central Florida. Star Ian Ziering filmed scenes at Kennedy Space Center and parts of Cape Canaveral in May, 2015. 

'Tomorrowland' (2015)

Britt Robertson in Tomorrowland (2015) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (courtesy)

Inspired by the Space Age and Walt Disney's vision for EPCOT, this sci-fi film features George Clooney as an inventor who travels with a girl, Britt Robertson, into an alternate universe. Scenes were shot at Titusville’s Space View Park and Kennedy Space Center. 

'First Man' (2018)

Lukas Haas, left, plays Mike Collins, Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong and Corey Stoll plays Buzz Aldrin in “First Man.” Daniel McFadden, Universal Pictures (courtesy)

This film about astronaut Neil Armstrong and the legendary space mission that led to his first steps on the moon stars Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. Scenes were filmed on location at Kennedy Space Center in February, 2018.

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'The Right Stuff' (2020)

"The Right Stuff," a screen adaptation of the saga about the original seven Mercury astronauts, streams on Disney+.

It's only natural that "The Right Stuff," the original Disney+ series based on the iconic bestselling book by Tom Wolfe, would be filmed on the Space Coast. The story is about the early days of the U.S. space program and America's first astronauts, the Mercury 7. Some filming locations included Launch Complex 5/6 blockhouse and launchpad, and hangars on Canaveral Space Force Station that were used during the Mercury program.

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'Don't Look Up' (2021) 

From left, Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky and Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Randall Mindy in "Don't Look Up."

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star as academic astronomers who must go on a national media tour to warn mankind of a devastating approaching comet. Scenes were filmed at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, where the crew worked with United Launch Alliance.

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