NWF Fine Arts Division produces comedy

Special to The Log

The Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts Division at NWF State College will present the satire/comedy “Feiffer's People” at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 14-17 in the Sprint Theater of the Mattie Kelly Arts Center in Niceville.

“Feiffer's People” offers a characteristically inventive and flexible kind of experimental theatre. The work is made up of brief sketches, monologues and playlets which are wildly funny yet bitingly acerbic in the sharp observations that they provide on the state of the union and the modern world in general. “Feiffer's People” is written by Jules Feiffer and is a unique conception by America's renowned humorist, cartoonist and social satirist.

The intrinsic merit, and joy, of “Feiffer's People” lies in its complete freedom of form and richly comic dimension. The college's production is described as "the stage as a forum for projecting a wry and perceptive world-view, encyclopedic in its awareness of human frailty but always softened by the gentle balm of laughter."

Tickets are $15 adult, $10 youth age 18 and younger and one free ticket per student ID to all NWF State students. Contact the Box Office at 729-6000 Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or purchase online at www.MattieKellyArtsCenter.org.

The play's author, Jules R. Feiffer, is an American syndicated cartoonist, known for his savvy political and social satires, and most notably his long-run comic strip titled “Feiffer." He has created more than 35 books, plays and screenplays. In 1986, he won the Pulitzer Prize for his editorial cartooning in The Village Voice. His satirical world view is, like that of the cartoonist-playwright Garry Trudeau, highly theatrical, and his characters are as comfortable on a stage as they are on newsprint.

The play “Feiffer's People” is described as a "comic revue in which Feiffer brings his cartoon characters to life on the stage in a series of short solo and duo routines." As regular readers of his cartoon strips know, Feiffer has a very specific view of the cliche-ridden, college-educated middle class. “Feiffer’s People," originally produced in 1968, features a familiar Feiffer collection of “bright, energetic, hopeful people who greet the world with a smile, only to discover that the world not only doesn't know they exist, and often doesn't care in the least. The resulting hurt is traumatizing, but also often very, very funny,” according to a New York Times review by Leah Frank.

Feiffer's strips ran for 42 years in The Village Voice, first under the title “Sick, Sick, Sick” briefly as “Feiffer's Fables” and finally as simply “Feiffer." Beginning April 1959, “Feiffer” was distributed nationally. His strips, cartoons and illustrations have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy and The Nation among others. Also working in film, after Mike Nichols adapted Feiffer's unproduced play Carnal Knowledge as a 1971 film, Feiffer scripted Robert Altman's Popeye, Alain Resnais's I Want to Go Home, and the film adaptation of Little Murders. Feiffer is an adjunct professor at Stony Brook Southampton. Previously he taught at the Yale School of Drama and Northwestern University among others. He has also been a Senior Fellow at the Columbia University National Arts Journalism Program.