Your official 'game itinerary' for your night out

Staff Reporter
The Destin Log

Bar games can make a night out. We've come up with a "game itinerary" to guide you through your night.

Some games are better for the start of your night - either they're icebreakers or they just need a steady hand. Others are better to end a night.

All of these games are entertaining and crowd pleasing, and most are easy to play with one hand so the other can be on your drink or snacks.

To start off your evening:

Darts: For health reasons, we can't condone playing darts if you've had a few adult drinks. This is one game you need to play with your faculties intact.

Pool: Another game that needs players to be somewhat sober. Also, we don't want you losing money to any pool sharks!

Cards Against Humanity: This is a great card game for a group just getting to know one another. Take care, however, it's very explicit.

Ring of Fire (aka Kings or Kings Cup): All you need for this card drinking game is three or more people, a smartphone and playing cards. Look up the rules on your phone and then spread your cards in a circle (it should look like a doughnut). Start drinking and picking cards with friends. Follow the rules for each card and you should have a good time. Take care with that “King’s Cup!”

The midway point:

Corn hole: Grab a buddy or three and play this college classic.

The Ring Game: If you're a little tired of your group, this is a good game to play by your lonesome. It's pretty simple as bar games go. It's literally a string with a ring on the end that you swing to catch on a hook (which is usually attached to the wall).

Toward the end of your night:

Jumbling Tower (aka Jenga): Okay, if you're a serious jumbling tower player, break this out in the beginning of your night. For the last hurrah, however, this game is perfect: boisterous and easy to play. Half the fun is the crash from knocking over the tower. The other half is rubbing it in the loser's face.

Paper Football: Steal a piece of paper, fold yourself a "football" and recruit one of your friends to act as goal post.

Golden Tee: Uncomplicated, fun to watch and easy to play while a little inebriated, Golden Tee is a good game to end your night. Watch out for those drunk 2-foot putts. They can be tricky!

* Harry T's (HarborWalk Village, Destin): Hone your corn hole skills at boards just outside this restaurant and bar.

* The Salty Duck (Downtown Fort Walton Beach): This craft beer bar has corn hole, a giant Connect Four, and an jumbling tower that you need to duck and cover from when it comes down.

* Tapworks (Downtown Fort Walton Beach): In addition to bar mainstay, darts, this craft beer bar has games like jumbling tower, dominoes, and more. Also, there's corn hole in the sand pit nearby at KC's Sandbar and Grille.

You can have your choice of games at some bars! Here are some of our picks: