5 beer-related resolutions for 2016

Staff Reporter
The Destin Log

A new year means a new start. For most of us, that drive to start fresh results in making resolutions.

Keep your personal resolutions, but maybe add a few ... beer-related ones. We have some suggestions!

1. Host your own pub crawl with friends.

Our local organizations do a great job in organizing pub crawls, but it's fun to tailor one to you and your friends' tastes.

Host one for your birthday. Or your friend's birthday. Or whatever you want to celebrate! How about the start of the weekend? A new job? Any reason will do!

2. Try a new (to you) beer from every local brewery.

We're lucky to have so many local breweries within a 60-mile radius. Take advantage! Make sure you know what's out there and expand your tastes.

Here are some of the local breweries:

- 3rd Planet Brewing: This Niceville brewing companyisn't quite open yet, but keep an eye on their Facebook page!

- Destin Brewery: 505 Mountain Drive in Destin.

- Grayton Beer Company: 217 Serenoa Road in Santa Rosa Beach.

- Idyll Hounds Brewing Company: 845 Serenoa Road in Santa Rosa Beach.

- Pensacola Bay Brewery: 225 E. Zaragoza St. in Pensacola.

- Props Brewery: 255 Miracle Strip Parkway in Fort Walton Beach.

- Ye Olde Brothers Brewery: 4458 Highway 87 in Navarre.

3. Go to a beer tasting.

These events are a great way to try some beer, meet other beer lovers and learn something new.

4. Include a brewery or craft beer bar visit on your next trip.

Do a little extra research before heading out on your trip and find a local brewery or craft beer bar.

5. Attend a tap takeover.

When breweries take over a local bar's tap, it's an opportunity for you to try a variety of beers from that brewery.

Have a favorite craft beer? Be on the lookout for a tap takeover, you may have a new favorite soon!