'Wish I was in Destin' Indiana musician croons about favorite vacation spot

Savannah Vasquez
Tim McCrea recently released a song “Wish I Was in Destin” to reminisce and memorialize his favorite vacation spot in the world.

Indiana musician Tim McCrea misses Destin.

He misses it so much in fact that he penned a song about his favorite vacation spot in the world.

“Wish I was in Destin walking the white sand watch waves roll,” he belts out in the chorus. “I need a break from working it’s my favorite place to go. Relaxing by the water, building castles in the sand. Family is what matters, some people never understand.”

LISTEN to the song here.

While participating in a songwriting clinic at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana, McCrea said he and fellow songwriter Natalie Hemby began reminiscing about their favorite family vacations.

“We were in between a break in recording,” he said. “It was a really cold, rainy October weekend and were reminiscing on family vacations, and Destin came up. The next day I was mentioning to a family member the conversation and I said, ‘I wish I was in Destin today,’ and I thought, ‘I could write that!’ So sat down and wrote it.”

Working with well known music producer Phil Naish, McCrea recorded “Wish I was in Destin” with seasoned musicians Don Carr on electric guitar, Phil Naish on keyboard, Dave Martin on bass and Nick D’Virgilio on drums.

“I’ve recorded for personal enjoyment over the years, but I have the privilege of working now with people who are first-call session musicians,” said McCrea. “It’s part of an E.P. (Extended Play) record and should be out within the next 30 days.”

Offering a mixed genre of country and contemporary Christian songs, the E.P. will feature seven songs including the one that inspired it all, “Wish I was in Destin.”

“My cousins actually grew up in Fort Walton Beach and I had some extended family living in Destin in the early 1980s,” McCrea said of his background with the Emerald Coast. “As kids, the beach, the water and the white sand were always memorable. I’ve been in and out of the Gulf Coast area through the years, but it’s probably been 20 years since I’ve been in Destin itself.”

Now that he has a song with Destin’s name in the title, McCrea said he thinks its about time he revisits his favorite beach town.

“Actually, I will probably be down this fall and then return again for the 30A Song Writer’s Festival in January of 2017,” he said.

As for the song, McCrea said he just wants people to enjoy it and remember the wholesome times they have spent on the beach with their families.

“A lot of vacation songs are party songs and drinking songs, but I wanted to write something that families can listen to and just remember the family time and having fun at the beach,” he said. “I just want to put the song out for people to be able to hear it and remember family vacations and to inspire them to go on more family vacations.”