Haverhill commuter rail may see hectic commutes with Newburyport shutdown

Bryan McGonigle
Riders for the MBTA commuter line ready for another train at the Haverhill station. (WICKED LOCAL PHOTO/TIM MCCARTHY)

With the MBTA replacing the Beverly Drawbridge between Salem Station and Beverly Depot from July 17-Aug. 13, many on the north end of the commuter line will probably drive over to the Haverhill line to grab those trains into Boston.

And that could mean a hectic Haverhill line, for both regular travelers of that line and Newburyport line visitors.

Picking up passengers from such big cities as Haverhill and Lawrence, the Haverhill line tends to be crowded by the time it reaches Wilmington. Depending on how many people venture from the Newburyport line next month, that could be pretty intense.

Newburyport line travelers switching to the Haverhill line will also want to make note of parking at various stations.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all trains on weekdays stop at every station. The 206 train that leaves the Haverhill station at 6:40 a.m., for example, skips all stations between Ballardvale and North Station. And the 286 and 288 weekday morning trains skip the first several stations and start picking people up in Reading.

It’s best to check on the MBTA commuter rail schedule to confirm times and, sometimes, whether a train is going to stop at a specific station at all.

Here is some information on the first seven stations on the Haverhill line, from Haverhill to Reading.






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