Nanny Penny’s completes 12 years

Special to The Log
Nanny Penny's Babysitters soon to expand to Dallas.

Nanny Penny's Babysitters is now completing  its 12th season in the Destin area with more than 1,900 jobs done in 12 short years.  Nanny Penny, better known as Sarah Ann Warriner, has now become commissioned as a minister through Glory of Zion International Ministries, making "Nanny's" one of the only professing ministry/nanny services in the Destin area.

"Although small — with 15 nannies — we hear from our clients that they think we're the best," Warriner said. "They feel comfortable and at ease knowing that their children are being taken care of by ladies who love their children and treat them like their own. Most of our nannies are teachers, daycare workers, church workers or just mothers or grandmothers who love children." 

Nanny Penny's will soon expand to the Dallas, Texas, Metroplex Area as a result of so many vacationing clients living in the Park Cities/University Area of Dallas. Ladies/girls who have trained at Christ For The Nations in Dallas are being recruited now to start in the fall.  

"We are hoping that Atlanta, Ga. will be next in line as we have more than 800-plus clients from that city," she said. 

For more information, contact 850-534-0078 or 940-323-8024.