Special to The Log
Destin Middle School hosted a K-9 demonstration.

Destin Middle School was happy to host a K-9 demonstration by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office for their fifth graders on Oct. 8.

Destin Middle School’s Resource Officer, Deputy Feagin Willis, coordinated with Sergeant Dudley and Deputy Tim Patterson from the Sheriff’s Office to bring one of their renowned K-9s, DAX, to explain the many ways the dogs are used in law enforcement. 

Dudley and Patterson detailed the variety of calls, including commercial and residential burglary alarms, assisting with traffic stops, high risk warrant services, searches for persons or evidence, and drug detection. 

DMS fifth grade teacher, Dawn Pack, volunteered to take on the jaws of the canine to demonstrate to her students the force used from a single bite.  Students had some outstanding questions for these law enforcement members and received excellent answers that will, no doubt, stay with them and inform their future decisions.