Destin Snowbird Club continues to grow

Sigrid J. Aeschleman
Representing Illinois, Iowa and Canada, these snowbirds, gathered on the Crab Trap boardwalk, meet each year on a daily basis to talk, soak up the sun and perhaps decide where to go to lunch. The size of the group increases as the snowbirds arrive in town, but that just makes for more interesting conversation.

With the first of two registrations this week completed, the Destin Snowbird Club continues to grow in membership. Two hundred seventy-seven new members have joined the club, making the total of paid and life time members 1,587. This is an increase of 20 members over last year’s numbers at this time of the registration process. Members from USA total 1,246, or 78.51 percent, and two members, or 0.13 percent, are from Great Britain.

Many people ask for information about our demographics which also sheds light on where the snowbird population comes from. Which states or provinces send the Emerald Coast the most snowbirds? Here they are in the Top 5 List of Snowbirds (reflected by statistics as of Jan. 13, 2014):  #1: Ontario with 304 members; #2:  Michigan with 206 members; #3:  Minnesota with 191 members; #4:  Wisconsin with 143 members, and #5:  Illinois with 99 members as of this date. Statistics from the Friday, Jan. 17, registration, are not reflected in these numbers.  

It is no wonder, then, that many of the activities that are planned by and designed for snowbirds are meant to “mix the members” or to provide opportunities for new and former members to get acquainted, to learn from each other and to find people in common that they may already know. Just wear a shirt from your home state and see what happens, no matter where you go. You will most likely leave that place knowing more people than when you walked in.

What do snowbirds do with all of their free time? After all, retirement means having all day to do … what? ... everything! How can a snowbird possibly not have enough time to get everything done? Ask those who volunteer for the Destin Snowbird Club or the local hospital or local missions and shelters (both human and animal) why they can’t get everything done that they planned to do that particular day. Gathering with new friends, socializing with people who you never knew before meeting them on the beach or boardwalk and deciding in which activities to participate all take time … and there goes another day.

Next week, attend the meetings at 8:30 and 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Roost, check out the TGIT (Thank Goodness it’s Tuesday) Party from 3-6 p.m. the 21st at the Seascape Conference Center, and come have fun at the Mixer Party from 5-8 p.m. on the 25th at Seascape Conference Center. The Friendship Club will meet at Callahan’s on the 21st following the 11 a.m. meeting so come join the group.  Time will absolutely “fly by.”

Sigrid J. Aeschleman, publicity director, is from Illinois and can be reached at