Biennial registration option

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Florida Legislators are considering a bill that will lower the cost of most vehicle registrations by up to $25 per year.

Okaloosa County Tax Collector Ben Anderson is taking a proactive approach to this good news and has begun removing the biennial option (two year renewal) on all vehicle registrations sent from the Tax Collector’s Office.

“Last year in Okaloosa County, 23,400 vehicles had the biennial registration,” Anderson said. “If the proposed legislation passes, a $25 reduction for one year on those vehicles would amount to a savings of $585,000 for Okaloosa County Citizens. By removing the option from upcoming registrations, no one can mistakenly spend too much on vehicle registrations.”

Vehicle owners can choose to register their vehicle(s) for one or two years. Although the two year option is still available, Anderson said, “It is our responsibility to be good stewards with resources and information. If this legislation passes, we want our customers to be the first to benefit by not having paid the higher rate on a two year registration.” This is just another example of your Tax Collector’s Office saving you money.

Vehicle registrations can be processed online at or at any of our six locations conveniently located around the county.