Craft fair, fashion show popular snowbird activities

Sigrid J. Aeschleman
The couple in the fashion show were Elise and Wes Eggert from Wisconsin.

Destin Snowbird Club members certainly do not lack for things to do or be involved in right now. Numerous activities are in full swing and there are more to come in the remaining weeks of snowbird season. The Fashion Show ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ was held Feb. 10 at the Embassy Suites and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. Models (both ladies and gents) were snowbirds and clothes were provided by Fresh Produce and Men’s Warehouse. Make-up was provided by Bare Minerals and Becca styled the hair.

The Snowbird Craft Fair was held Tuesday at the Roost and drew the attention of many snowbirds. Vendors made the crafts and a variety of goods were displayed and sold. The talent of the snowbirds was evident as people were drawn to the jewelry, scarves, aprons, purses and other items that had been made.

David Seering entertained the audience at both meetings on Tuesday.  Always a delight, David enthralled the members with “Phantom of the Opera” and a Puccini favorite that had the crowd on its feet.

The last TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Tuesday) Party of the season will be held from 3-6 p.m. Feb. 18 at the Seascape Conference Center with Christian & James providing the entertainment. All Destin Snowbird Club members are invited to attend.

The Ladies Golf Tournament (Feb. 19) and the Kline/Walsh Charity Tournament (Feb. 26) at Bluewater Bay Golf Club are just around the corner.  There is still time to sign up so contact Penny Eddy at 850-837-1407 and Mike Krueger at 708-822-5137 for details and check the website at for further news. The inaugural Snowbird Cup Tournament will be Sunday, Feb. 16, between the Destin and Walton County Snowbird Clubs. The event has been sold out and we will report the results next week.

Sign up for next year’s Eastern Caribbean cruise will be available at the meetings on Tuesday. Contact Don Cooksey for information at 850-837-3637.

Storage locker tickets are available between the member meetings on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Tickets are $8 for each box; $15 for bikes; and boxes may be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s and moving/storage facilities (18x18x18). Beach chairs, golf clubs/bags and other items may also be stored for $8. The storage locker will be open for five consecutive Saturdays from 8-9:30 a.m. beginning Feb. 22.  For more information, consult the website.

The New Orleans-Mardi Gras Trip will be Feb. 26, 27 and 28. Contact Don Cooksey at 850-837-3637 for more information.

The Friendship Club will be at the Magnolia Grill after the 11 a.m. meeting on Feb. 18.

Membership in the Destin Snowbird Club increased to 1,965 after registration on Feb. 11 which brought in additional members. There are 1,548 members from the USA, 415 from Canada and 461 members are new this year. In the “state race”, Michigan heads the list with 256, Minnesota continues to nip at their heels with 255, Wisconsin has a definite presence with 182 and Illinois has brought 126 Illini to the Emerald Coast this season.  No wonder we see so many out of state license plates.

Sigrid J. Aeschleman, publicity director, is from Illinois and can be reached at