Snowbirds begin to pack up

Sigrid J. Aeschleman
The Destin Snowbird Club Choir, under the direction of Marge Marcella, sang at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting.

Snowbirds who volunteer their time, efforts and talents to the Destin Snowbird Club were honored at a gathering Feb. 24 at the Crab Island Cantina. Members who served their organization for the 2013-14 winter season were thanked and given delicious tidbits from the restaurant and a gift of a visor or hat from the club for their service.

The club still needs a secretary for the 2014-15 season, so if you are a member of the Destin Snowbird Club and are interested in meeting and working with great people, please give Nancy Hewitt a call at 850-650-3776. Nomination of officers will take place at the next meeting on March 4, with election of officers taking place on March 11.

The Destin Snowbird Club Choir, under the direction of Marge Marcella, led the audience in both the Canadian and United States National Anthems at the beginning of the meeting on Tuesday. The choir is made up of snowbird volunteers and meets weekly between the two membership meetings.

Mike Krueger, golf coordinator, reported to the membership that a collection taken at the meeting the previous week netted $1,400 which will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Mike thanked the membership for their generous donations and reminded the golfers of the upcoming charity golf tournament on Wednesday, the 26.

The NWF State College Jazz Band entertained the membership at the meetings on Tuesday. The enthusiastic young men wailed their instruments and received a standing ovation from the listeners as they concluded their concert. 

Plans are already being made for activities for next snowbird season. It was reported that the Caribbean cruise is now taking reservations and a trip to St. Augustine is also being planned for Jan. 21-23, 2015. If interested in the cruise on the Liberty (Carnival) beginning Feb. 1, 2015, please contact Don Cooksey at 850-837-3637.

Storage lockers will be open the first four Saturdays in March,1, 8, 15 and 22, from 8-9 a.m. for people to store their boxes, bikes and other items.

The Friendship Club will meet at Boshamps on 98 after the meeting on March 4.  Anyone is invited to attend and singles are encouraged to come meet new people.

Members are reminded that for the last two weeks of the 2013-14 season, March 4 and 11, there will be only one meeting each Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Snowbirds are beginning to pack storage boxes and are filling up the local restaurants as they make last minute visits to favorite eateries before leaving for home. Many visitors will be able to remain and enjoy the warmer weather a little longer, but some are already dreading returning to northern homes still inundated with ice, snow, bitter temperatures and windy forecasts.

For those leaving by March 1, we say “so long until next season” which is actually only months away (looking at the bright, sunny side). For those who get to stay a while longer, enjoy.

Sigrid J. Aeschleman, publicity director, is from Illinois and can be reached at