White Wilson Medical Center helps CIC

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
White Wilson Medical Center members Ashlee Edelen with Ken Hair, Anne Kachelhoffer and Leslie Moland presented back to school backpacks for the kids at Children in Crisis and a donation of $2,500.

The staff and supporters of White Wilson Medical Center helped the kids of Children in Crisis get ready for back to school. Thanks to the generous donations from the members of White Wilson, all the kids at the CIC Neighborhood received new backpacks with all the necessary supplies to take them through the new school year.

White Wilson also presented a check for $2,500 to CIC to help with additional back to school fees, food and clothing.

 “The donation helped provide back to school essentials that would not have been available without White Wilson Medical Center,” said Ken Hair, CIC president/CEO. “This donation truly made a difference and we are very thankful.”