Vehicle registration renewal fees lowered

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Okaloosa County Tax Collector Ben Anderson encourages motorists to take advantage of the State's reduction of Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees that began Sept. 1.

“The Governor signed legislation earlier this year that will save Florida motorists $395 million dollars in Vehicle Renewal Fees, based on an average savings of up to $25 per registration,” said Anderson. “This fee reduction appropriately keeps more of the hard earned money in the hands of the citizens and their families to help with their monthly expenses. These savings will work their way into Florida's economy while benefiting our citizens, a true win – win for the state and the people.”

The Florida Tax Collector’s Association was proactive when this bill was making its way through the Legislature.

“Before it was signed into law we recommended single year renewals while discouraging biennial renewals,” Anderson said. “Now that September is upon us with the new and lower rates, we want to let our customers know that renewing for two years is a good thing!”