Can an apple change a life?

Pam Griffin
Can you imagine seeing an apple in this precious little one’s hands on Christmas Day? These children are the poorest of the poor.

Mission Love Seeds, with the help of residents, visitors and organizations, has made sure foster children in the Destin community will have tons of toys on Christmas Day.

The 67 foster children from FamilesFirst Network will have a wonderful Christmas morning, with toys and clothes from their wish lists. People in the community responded as never before.

But let’s not forget God’s little children in the Philippines, Kenya and around the world who will not open a gift with a toy on Christmas morning or eat a hot meal on Christmas Day.

 “Supporters went above and beyond to provide the best Christmas ever for our local kids,” Barbi Carroll, founder of Mission Love Seeds, told The Log. “With the sudden death of my dear brother David Carroll, we are, however, far behind in raising funds for kids living in poverty in our mission areas in the Philippines and Kenya. At this late date, an apple or an orange would be a total blessing to the kids who have nothing.”

MissionLove Seeds can purchase 150 apples for $50 in the Philippines and oranges are just a little higher. Donations are needed to help purchase hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of fruit by next week.

To donate funds to help purchase fruit for these children on Christmas Day, message Barbi Carroll on Facebook, email, call 650-5583 or send a check to 55 Country Club Drive in Destin, 32541. You can also go to the website and donate with credit card.

Mission wants to help more little ones — a meal, a toy, a piece of fruit — not much but enough to bring big smiles to their faces.

“Can you imagine most kids have never had an apple or orange?” Carroll said. “Please help if you can.”