CYNERGY: ‘Wrestling with wily words and funky phrases'

Cynthia Burton
Cynthia Burton

I’m a wordsmith. I love writing, reading and spelling (geek!). Occasionally, I come across phrases that I can juxtapose into other meanings. Sometimes these words or phrases make me go hmmmm … See if any of these questions have ever crossed your mind. If not, I guess I’m the only inquiring mind who’d like to know. Enjoy.

If Cialis really works (for E.D.), why do the couple in the commercial soak in separate bath tubs?

The plural of dice is di. Why isn’t the plural of octopus called octopi?

If there’s a proverbial pink elephant in a room, why is it always pink?

A white elephant sale is akin to a garage sale. Are white elephant sales available in other colors?

A ballet costume has a tutu. Is there also a three-three?

Potato chips are available in lots of flavors … why not champion chips?

Are seagulls gullible?

If something is manageable, could it also be woman-ageable?

If you are blind-sided, can you be sight-sighted?

Are there heroes and she-roes?

Why are bicycle and motorcycle pronounced differently, when both are modes of transportation?

Viagara rhymes with Niagara … don’t think about it too hard.

Where’s the butter found in a butterfly? Is there also a margarinefly (or “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butterfly”)?

Cynthia Burton is a resident of Destin.