Snowbird Sillies: Thanks and goodbye

Patrick McAlpine
Patrick McAlpine

Everything was ribbitty-frip or tickety-boo with our stay along the Emerald Coast this past winter. The following is a melange of experiences and observations of 2015.

It was rather strange seeing snowbirds, who detest having to wait in line for anything back home, standing in line for the Rave theatre shows or lining up for the major registration for the Destin snowbirds. But, didn’t mind a bit lining up for Millers’ Ale House on Mondays for 35 minutes for their early “ribs” special.

Canadians really appreciated the low price of gas which did help in some way offset the  low Canadian dollar and getting 15 cents a gallon off by shopping at Winn Dixie.

Snowbirds meticulously clipping two for one coupons which they wouldn’t think of doing at home.

Movie goers were not excited about paying $6.45 admission to the theatre and then paying $14.58 for popcorn and a drink.

I really was upset when I only needed one more number in the bingo games at Seascape Convention centre and somebody yelling “bingo.”

I attended all eight of the Destin snowbird weekly meetings, and after 800 names being called out for prizes, I got squat-diddly.

Hats off to all the musicians who performed for us at Surfside on Wednesdays. Special mention of the pleasant waitresses who looked after us so nicely.

Father Tom at Resurrection Church for looking after the spiritual needs of many snowbirds. Also Faith Assembly Church and the talented musicians for their awesome music and messages on Sunday.

Mattie Kelly Center for featuring the Midtown Men and the Million Dollar Quartet.

Positive feedback on this silly column.

The fish fry at St. Rita’s was delicious.

Many folks told me that I had to be from Poland because my jokes got WARSAW and WARSAW.

Hats off to all the dedicated volunteers at the three snowbird organizations for their time and effort on our behalf.

Bowling at Hurricane Lanes was right up my alley, even though my mind was in the gutter occasionally.

Did I ever indulge in those giant omelet’s at the Donut Hole.

We were lucky when all the porpoises appeared for us on the special boat cruise on the Southern Star featuring David Hall.  For all intent and PORPOISES, it was awesome.

To Jack and Denny for showing me how to skeet shoot. I wanted to put on a blindfold so I could miss all the ones I actually missed.

To our paper deliverer for getting the paper to us early in the morning, a tip of the hat.

Special thanks to the Destin Log for allowing me to do this column for three months.

Patrick McAlpine is a self-described “edutainer” and a Canadian Snowbird from Ottawa. Submit your jokes or smiles to