Destin Elementary lunch menu April 13 - 17

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The menu for April 13 - 17 at Destin Elementary includes:

• April 13: Chicken Patty on a Bun, Fish Nuggets, Hush Puppies, Citrus Glazed Carrots and Mixed Fruit

• April 14: Soft Turkey Taco, Turkey & Cheese Melt, Refried Black Beans and Sliced Strawberries

• April 15: Breakfast for Lunch! Mini Pancakes and Sausage Patty or Cheesy Chicken Wrap, Tater Tots and Baked Apple Slices

• April 16: Throwback Thursday! Flying Saucer, Chicken Nuggets, Whole Grain Dinner Roll, Baked Beans, Chilled Peaches and Applesauce Cake

• April 17: Pizza Day! Cheese Pizza, Turkey a la King, Brown Rice, Skillet Garlic Green Beans and Chilled Pineapple Tidbits

Note: Soft Turkey Taco

Even picky eaters will want to eat at school when these tacos are on the menu. Sliced turkey is layered into a soft shell taco for a one-of-a-kind taste. Mmmm-mmm-good!