Jim Liufau extends good neighbor policy to students studying abroad in the U.S.

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The Destin Log
Dinners are served in the Soul Cafe at DUMC.

Jim Liufau, representative of Others of Destin, Inc., announced recently that Destin United Methodist Church and Destin Church of Christ offer dinner nights for international students in the J-1 program.

Representative of Others of Destin, Inc. and local State Farm agent Jim Liufau are thrilled to announce expanded opportunities for international students in the J-1 program to get to know one another and the community through church sponsored dinners.

Destin United Methodist Church (DUMC) offers free weekly Wednesday night dinners, while the Destin Church of Christ hosts Sunday night dinners, both through the month of August. The dinners begin at 6:30 p.m. For more information or directions, please call 850-837-1329.

“The J-1 Visa is given to individuals approved to participate in work- and study-based exchange visitor programs,” said Liufau. “In addition to feeding these students, the DUMC and Others of Destin help them with assimilation, money management, health issues, language, cultural differences, homesickness and transportation.”

Others of Destin, Inc. was originally formed in 2014 to help students who are in the United States on the J-1 program and have worked with the aforementioned churches to reach out to these dinners, offering the dinners, among other services.

Over the last year, Others of Destin, Inc., a nonprofit organization, has provided a variety of support services to the underserved in Walton and Okaloosa counties. It has gained a reputation for serving individuals and families faced with a wide range of challenges including poverty, homelessness and job loss. Others of Destin, Inc. establishes collaborative partnerships between churches, businesses, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations for the greater purpose of empowering underserved members of the community.

“The mission of Others of Destin is the advancement of educational, charitable (benevolent) purposes, and any other related or corresponding purposes by the distribution of its funds generated for such purposes,” said Liufau. “We are also very involved in supporting the J-1 Program and view this support as an excellent way to foster goodwill throughout the world within our local reach.”