Pickle what? Pickleball

Fastest growing sport in America combines tennis, ping pong, badminton

Annie Blanks | 315-4450 | @DestinLogAnnie |
Karen Daniels hits a pickleball, which is a bright green ball with holes in it, while her doubles partner, Bridgette Oeser, looks on. ANNIE BLANKS/THE LOG

Have you played pickleball yet?

If not, you'll probably want to get on board soon.

The game, which combines tennis, badminton and ping pong and is played in singles or doubles with a paddle and a ball with holes in it, has been heralded as the fastest growing sport in America. It is catching on like wildfire across the country, and it's made its way to Destin. 

"It's addictive," said Rick Bryla, a snowbird from Canada who was playing with his buddies on Monday. "I'm 66 and just got into this game two years ago. It's a shorter game than tennis and there's lots of physical activity." 

T. Dan, another visitor, said he enjoyed the friendship that the game brings. 

"It's really about camaraderie," Dan said. "As a past athlete who can't do stuff like that anymore, this is a game that I can play. It gives me competition, exercise and camaraderie." 

Pickleballers of all experience levels can come play on the three courts in the gym of the Destin Community Center every Monday and Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.