Volunteers from Fort Walton Ward help in Pensacola

Special to Gannett

Volunteers from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fort Walton Beach Ward, have been going weekends to Pensacola to help, and will continue until work is completed. 

A team of volunteers from Fort Walton Beach help out in Pensacola.

Thirty-five teams with 352 volunteers worked 3,085 man hours to complete160 work orders following the storm. 

Billie and Robert Nicholson in Pensacola received help with hurricane repairs. Usually they are the ones volunteering.

"I was working at the command center in Pensacola when my husband called to tell me there were some guys in yellow shirts coming to take care of our fence which went down in the storm," Billie wrote. "Tears came to my eyes ... all that wood! The 'yellow shirts' made short work of it and were on their way to the next project. We have done many volunteer projects, but this was our first time to receive service.  Grateful ... very grateful."