BIG HARE, BIG FAITH: Waste nothing from this year

Caroline Hare
Caroline Hare

Everyone, we have made it to October. Does anyone else feel like it is still August? Where has this year gone? It is so easy about this time of year to just pretend like you are going to swim across the swimming pool underwater. You know what I am talking about.

Feet pressed against the wall, face forward, arms stretched out ready to launch, and with one deep breath you can duck under the water and launch to the other side of the pool underwater. It’s that feeling of if we can just hold our breath, make a straight line, and push hard enough then we will just make it to the end.

I heard myself say a couple weeks ago, “this year has been a wash.” I caught myself though right then. I was reminded that actually this has not been a bad year for me at all. Parts of my life I have desired transformation in for years I have seen come about in this crazy weird year. When we allow God to be in the center, nothing is wasted.

Maybe you have said or even felt like I just described. It is time to go back to the beginning of the year mentally. A day and time full of hope, expectancy, and promises looking into the new year. What were those things that you set out this year to change, to pray for, to stand upon, to watch for? It is not too late. God knows how to take a little and make much out of it. Maybe you have felt like the time you had in place for those has been crunched or even lost.

This year and our time reminds me of the story of the feeding of the 5,000 in John 6. Jesus had a large crowd gathered together to hear him preach and teach. They of course got hungry. A little boy with only five loaves and two fish brought them to the hands of God. He blessed them and passed them out to everyone in the crowd. Everyone present had their fill. At the end I love what Jesus says in verse 12, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”

October is the perfect month to gather the pieces that are left over from the beginning of the year — your finances, time, faith, hopes, dreams, prayers, and promises and ask God to let nothing be wasted.

Caroline Hare is youth pastor at Shoreline Church. She can be reached at