DES Lunch Menu Nov. 16-20

The Destin Log

The menu for Nov. 16-20 at Destin Elementary includes:

• Nov. 16: Breaded chicken on a bun, grilled chicken on a bun, crispy tater tots, fresh baby carrots, tropical pineapple tidbits and choice of milk

• Nov. 17: Creamy macaroni and cheese, fresh sliced bread, barbecue pulled pork sandwich, cucumber and tomato salad, stewed tomatoes, Craisins-prepack and choice of milk

• Nov. 18: Cheesy lasagna roll ups, fresh sliced bread, taco nachos with fresh sliced bread, steamed broccoli, kidney beans, bagged apple slices and choice of milk

• Nov. 19: Chicken nuggets, fresh sliced bread, melted grilled cheese, McCain Shoestring french fries, fresh broccoli florets, mixed fruit and choice of milk

• Nov. 20: Cheese or pepperoni pizza, crispy fish sticks, fresh sliced bread, steamed carrots, Romaine side salad, mixed berry cup and choice of milk