Snowbirds missing their Destin home

Special to Gannett
The Destin Snowbird Club suffered a huge loss with the passing of Paul Hewitt last September. Paul and his wife Nancy had been wintering in Destin since the early 2000s. Both became active in the club almost immediately with Paul taking on storage locker duties. He was president of the snowbird club during the 2010/2011 season. However, his greatest contribution to the club was the modernization and organization of the prize committee, which he chaired with Nancy for many years after serving as club president.
Destin Snowbird President Don Collins and First Lady Joan Collins send their greetings from Ancaster, Ontario, where they are confined until the USA/Canadian border opens. There is a chance that our Canadian snowbird friends will need to nest in the north this entire season. Don will resume his place as club president in the 2021/2022 snowbird season.
For the first time in decades, there will be no Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Destin Community Center, also known as The Roost. The event had been scheduled for Monday, Nov. 16, and all the Destin dignitaries had planned to attend. Hopefully, all will gather at the same place and same time in November, 2021.
You just can’t clip the wings of Destin snowbirds. Meetings and activities may be cancelled, but many still plan to gather in their favorite local dwellings. Enjoying some camaraderie at Brotula’s are (from left) Andrea and Ted Spring formerly of New York and now from Florida, Jackie Roberson of Maine, Cindy Varnell of Tennessee, Terry Roberson of Maine, and Ray Varnell of Tennessee. Linda Zukonik of Michigan was the photographer.