Home School Fridays and Hands-On History Saturdays

Special to The Log

Make history part of your future in 2014 for Home School Fridays and Hands-On History from 10 a.m. to noon Saturdays at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida in Valparaiso. Each month through June a different program will be presented for ages 5-12 related to Northwest Florida history for children and families.  

Cost is $7/child or $5/Museum Family Members. Pre-register at 850-678-2615.

Programs include:

• Feb. 1, 7: Bayou Living — What do our waterways mean to our community? What types of resources have they provided and what industries have thrived because of their abundance in Northwest Florida? We’ll take a walk down to Lincoln Park to experience first-hand what this resource is really all about, and collect sticks on our way to make homemade fishing poles.

• March 1, 7: Can you “Dig It” — What is an archeologist? What is the process for unearthing and recording historical objects? We will discover important vocabulary terms related to archeology. Then we will work together to dig, investigate, observe, collect and record data.

• April 4, 5: Be a Curator — How does an artifact get from the ground to an exhibit in a museum? This important job involving research, observation, accessing, recording, organizing, and finally displaying is essential to preserving history. Together we will investigate actual artifacts and learn about this fascinating process as we become curators!

• May 2, 3: Mothers of the Past — In honor of Mother’s Day this month, we will focus on the role of motherhood throughout our local history. We will study mothers from generations past and discover what parts of their lives changed over time and the timeless roles that have remained the same. Each child will craft a token of gratitude to give to their mother.

• June 6, 7: Fathers of the Past — In honor of Father’s Day this month, we will focus on the role of fatherhood throughout our local history. We will learn about the founding fathers of our community as well as the roles they played at home and professionally. We will delve even further into our local past and discuss Native American and pioneer fatherhood. We’ll finish off the lesson with a special handmade craft to take home to dad.