Horticulture studies group goes 'Outtside the Box'

Special to The Log

The January meeting of the Tri-County Horticulture and Environmental Studies Group (TCHESG) will be held at the Milton Garden Club, 5256 Alabama Street in Milton. The program, “Gardening Outside the Box,” will be given by Joe Taverniti, who grows a large collection of palms, bananas, bamboos and other subtropical plants that are hardy to the area. He has a major in horticulture from Michigan State University and is a retired Navy pilot. After studying nursing at Pensacola Junior College, he practiced in the profession for 24 years. Taverniti currently serves as president of the International Palm Society.

This event is free and open to the public. The TCHESG is sponsored by garden clubs of Northwest Florida. Its purpose is to learn more about the horticulture and environmental concerns of the area. The group focuses on Florida-friendly plants and gardening practices and learning more about our fragile environment and how to protect it.

Attendees are invited to join the group for a Dutch-treat lunch at Grover T’s BBQ, 5887 U.S. Highway 90 in Milton. If you wish to join the group for lunch, contact Liz Davis at