First Baptist Church Destin hosts global, one-day simulcast

Pam Griffin

More than 250,000 women around the world will get together Sept. 15 for a live Internet streaming event, and women in Northwest Florida will have a front row seat.

First Baptist Church Destin will host the Living Proof Live Simulcast at 9 a.m. with a continental breakfast served to those attending plus lunch at noon — all without cost for attendees. For information, call 850-837-6515.

As these women tune in for the event at their churches, or in small groups or on personal laptops, they will experience laughter, worship with Travis Cottrell, and one-of-a-kind teaching with Beth Moore.

“We are delighted to offer this all day special event that will inspire women to dig deep into God’s Word,” said Dr. Farren Roper, pastor of First Baptist. “We extend the opportunity to the women of our community to come enjoy the Living Proof Live Simulcast in our sanctuary. Come and experience life-changing Bible study and inspiring worship.”

Moore, Christian speaker and author of best-selling books and Bible studies, is a woman of purpose, preparation, prayer and passion. It’s apparent in everything she does, from founding Living Proof Ministries to teaching Bible studies at her home church, to speaking to the thousands of women who attend her Living Proof Live conferences each year. She follows the leading of the Holy Spirit to prepare a specific message for each of her events, and the simulcast is no exception.

“Living Proof Live, a LifeWay women’s event, is a fun-filled Bible study, teaching, and worship experience to enrich your mind, soul, and spirit,” Patricia Murphy, simulcast coordinator of the Women's Training and Events Department of LifeWay Church Resources, told The Log. “Bible teacher Beth Moore brings a fresh Word from God to each Living Proof Live event — no two are the same. As she explores the Bible and how it applies to real life, you will be encouraged by her own experiences as a believer, and you will be inspired to magnify and strengthen your own relationship with God.”

The more than 500 churches and 500 Bible study groups participating will not know in advance what Moore will speak on.

“This simulcast is in conjunction with the live event in Reading, Pa.,” Murphy said. “Each Living Proof Live event promises a different, inspirational message. Each message from Beth Moore focuses on scriptural teaching and a love for God’s Word to become alive and active in each participant’s heart.”

Beth Moore

Moore, born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wis., during what her father describes as the worst thunderstorm the city had seen in five years, was raised in Arkadelphia, Ark. There she handed out samples of popcorn and soda at the local cinema where her father was manager. Moore was sometimes allowed to slip in to see a movie, and it was there that Moore began her lifelong love for stories — telling them, writing them and listening to them.

However, the story that captured her heart and consumed her life was a story told in Sunday school of Jesus, a Savior who loved children and who thought she was special. A seed planted in her heart at that time would grow into her lifelong passionate love for Christ.

Moore founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. Since that time, her ministry and conferences have taken her to all 50 states and numerous countries, including Ireland, England, Singapore, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, India, Angola, Kenya, and South Africa. She also began a radio ministry in 2004 called Living Proof with Beth Moore hosted on, and each Wednesday she can be seen teaching Bible study on the television program “Life Today with James and Betty Robison.”

Still loving stories, Moore scatters her teaching with stories and poems as she communicates with great energy, passion, humor, warmth and grace.

Travis Cottrell

A contemporary Christian singer, arranger and worship leader, Cottrell uses a blended style of worship in leading churches, student conferences and events.

“Travis serves as worship pastor at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tenn.,” said Murphy. “For more than 14 years he has served as worship leader at Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live conferences sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources.”

Born in Boone, N.C., Cottrell enjoyed the pastimes of many children, including basketball, finding animals in the clouds, and wondered about piloting a plane through them. He even air-directed a marching band in his front yard and at the young age of seven, he thought about becoming a NASCAR driver.

As a teenager, however, Cottrell’s dreams changed. Firmly established in music, the Lord called him to a music ministry.

“When he's not writing music or leading worship, Travis likes to dance in the kitchen with his wife, sing in the car with his kids, laugh like crazy with his friends, and marvel that God would be so gracious to use a boy from Boone to help make His name famous,” Murphy said.