THE CARPENTER'S SHOP: A prayer for America

Dr. Barry Carpenter

God of the Universe, we acknowledge and thank you that all things exist and are held together because of God. Give us awareness of who you are. Save us from the arrogance that thinks we can live our lives without you. Forgive us from thinking we can expel God from our lives and prosper. We can be so foolish.

Save us as a nation from the cultural gravity that causes us to abandon the principles and precepts of our origin. We have ignored the fact that dependence on Almighty God is vital to our security. The justice we all seek is rooted in the value we all have that originates with God.

Thank you for the freedom that we have to determine our future’s course by electing leaders who fear God. Reverence and respect for God is the foundation of true wisdom. (Psalm 111:10). We ask for a leader who understands history and our destiny in the world. We pray for leadership with genuine reverence for God. We ask for a leader who respects the priorities of mercy, justice, and humility that protect life, marriage and personal freedom. “Save us from weak resignation to the evils we deplore.”

Remind us that we exist not for consumption but for contribution. Remind us at the polls of a destiny beyond ourselves.

Our world is a caldron of conflict and we lack the intellect and stamina to solve global issues without divine intervention. Show us the way forward through principled leadership. Cause people of faith in this nation to humble themselves and pray, seek God and turn from wickedness so that our nation will be healed economically, socially, and spiritually. Amen

Dr. Barry Carpenter is pastor of Destin United Methodist Church and can be reached at