THE CARPENTER'S SHOP: Destin — ‘a beautiful life’

Dr. Barry Carpenter

I have many reflections on this Thanksgiving week. I add my voice to the thousands of fellow citizens in Destin to a good God for blessings beyond number. One does not have to be a churchgoer or a Christian to be thankful. Gratitude is an attitude that simply acknowledges goodness. I just look around me and I see scores of reasons to give thanks.

I am thankful for this city called Destin. It is filled with beautiful people. Each one adds so much to life here. People I know and those I don’t and numerous new acquaintances made daily. Destin is blessed with beauty, the work of a generous God and the passion of dedicated people who work for the common good. There is a spirit of generosity here and a hospitable environment, and

I believe most people realize we are living in the middle of an incredible providence.

I am thankful for a beautiful faith community. We have more in common than we know. We are children of God.This city has faith leaders who embody love of God and love of neighbor. Isn’t that the secret to any vital faith …”love God, love others?” I am thankful for my colleague, Father Mike Hesse, who has experienced God’s healing touch in recent days. This man stands in the middle of our community now as one of God’s witnesses to God’s incredible love and power for us all.

I am thankful for the children of Destin. This city’s greatest asset is not her beaches and beautiful climate but her children. We are incubating and educating greatness everyday. God wants the world to go on, that’s why we have children. I believe we can change the future and the world through our children. We have a sacred and solemn calling to raise these children, all of them, to bless our world and cure its ills.

I think we can all say in truth that in Destin, “It’s a beautiful life.”

Dr. Barry Carpenter is pastor of Destin United Methodist Church and can be reached at