A miracle for Father Mike

John S Hayslip
Father Mike and Claudia Hesse, pictured on Thanksgiving 2008, have much to be thankful for this year.

Father Mike Hesse told The Log by email, “I am rejoicing. God is good — all the time. And all the time God is good — because that is his nature.

“Father Forrest Mobley said during the healing service at Immanuel that sent us off to MD Anderson that there is a difference between fact and truth. The fact is I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma.

“The truth is that I, like all believers, am in God's hands. And our God is in control of every one of our lives. Everything will unfold according to his will and for his purposes. I give him all the glory. He has given me a new season in which to serve him. For however long this season lasts, I will celebrate each and every day.”

----------------- Special to The Log

As most of you and the greater area of Destin know, Father Mike Hesse, senior pastor of Immanuel Anglican Church, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma on his head.

He went to MD Anderson to have doctors check him out, but before he left we at Immanuel had a healing service led by the Rev. Dr Forrest Mobley. We felt that he was going to be okay and going to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, was the right thing to do.

Father Mike had a biopsy of the area in Destin and it was determined that it was Stage 4 melanoma in his head. The doctor here made arrangements for Father Mike to go to Houston and was able to get an appointment readily. The doctors there took the rest of the cancer from Father Mike along with three lymph nodes of the neck and also took a skin graft from Father Mike's thigh to cover the spot where the cancer was taken.

Father Mike was there for approximately 10 days to two weeks and came home. He did not have the results of what the doctors did concerning the lymph nodes. Today, Nov. 20, Father Mike got his call from MD Anderson and they told him he was 100 percent CANCER FREE. Praise God! And they wanted him to touch base with them in December and then they would see him in three months.

We at Immanuel Church felt that the Lord healed Father Mike at the healing service we had for him which was attended by a vast number of people from the Destin and outlying areas. We claimed the healing that night and our Lord did not let Father Mike down, as he is a walking miracle.

I believe in miracles as I had a melanoma on the center of my nose in April and the doctors got all of my melanoma and they took almost all of my nose off and now, with the art of plastic surgery, you cannot tell I had anything wrong with my nose.

Immanuel Church is a MIRACLE believing church and we want to thank everyone in the Destin area and everyone that gets The Destin Log for praying for Father Mike Hesse. You all did a wonderful article about Father Mike and we at Immanuel wanted to share our wonderful news with you.

John S Hayslip is parish administrator at Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin.