‘All children go to Heaven’

Isaac Prather
Residents of Newtown, Conn., gathered in prayer after shootings on Dec. 14.

Special to The Log

My heart goes out in great compassion for the families who are affected by this horrific tragedy. Also for the grown ups who were killed. I pray that they all had given their lives to Jesus, the only way to heaven. But as for the beautiful children, let our hearts be comforted because "all children go to Heaven." I imagine that they are all happily dancing before the throne of God, having the greatest time of their lives.

Let us all consider that life is very fragile, and just as this tragedy happened so unexpectedly, so can our own lives end at any time. And let all those who have a sure hope in Christ be compassionate for those dear families who are grieving right now and pray earnestly for them.

It could have just as easily happened to our children or grandchildren. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Let us find assurance of salvation through the precious Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you all.

Have a merry Christmas, and let us return as a nation to the good ways of the Lord. Then we will find rest for our souls.

The devil comes for no reason but to steal, and kill and destroy, as we saw him do through this troubled young man.

Isaac Prather is pastor of Miracle Prayer Center in Destin.