COLUMN: The Pool of Bethesda

Jessica Prather

This week my husband and oldest child of 8 years went to Nicaragua. They are on a mission from God. It has been a long time coming. While my five-year-old son was still in my tummy, the Lord prepared our hearts for such a time as this.

There have been years of prayer and constant ministry. The Lord has opened a door that would change our lives forever.

It takes total abandonment to our wants and selfish desires to fulfill our God given call. In return, we are fulfilled. I have been feeling such a stirring in my spirit to pray. We should always. Sometimes we cannot sleep because the Lord is calling us to pray. Many times it is while we are awake, we feel God calling us by his spirit to pray. Moreover, there is no peace until we do. That is a blessing in disguise.

All day and night, I prayed and felt his holy presence. Everyday he has given me such peace while my dear husband and son are obeying God. Left with me besides the Lord is my youngest son and my three-year-old old daughter.

The Lord reveals his mysteries to those that pray to him sincerely. We need to always pray and not just at mealtime. John Chapter 5 can be personified or compared to prayer. When you feel that extraordinary stirring in your spirit to pray, do not miss your miracle with Jesus. As we pray and not ignore, but hearken to Jesus Christ, help comes! Jesus and his holy angels go forth and do what we cannot do.

With our whole heart, we should pray. Pray in tongues (Romans 8:26-27). Jesus washes us from the filth of this world and clothes us with him. Nothing is more important than the call of God. No one is more important than his holy calling. We are humans and are always in need of miracles from God. We must pray and worship him and give our all to him. For he has given his all for us. He is the only way to heaven and the only one that can help!

Do not miss your miracle with Jesus Christ. Today you can pray fervently and patiently. The Lord will come to the broken and humble of heart. He will meet you just as he did the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda. He had missed his miracle until now.

If you are not born again then you must be to experience the fellowship of God’s spirit. As you are faithful to spend time with him and his word there, he will be. Trust and obey as that wonderful hymn puts it. For the Lord sees and will reward. Amen.

Jessica Prather is the wife of Isaac Prather, pastor of Miracle Prayer Center and may be contacted at