Students graduate from Mormon class

Special to The Log
Hundreds gather to celebrate graduation from Early Morning Seminary.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced its graduates from Early Morning Seminary. This is a daily scripture study class held at 5:45 a.m. before high school begins. Students describe this class as a great way to start the day, and some even make it through four years of this early-riser class with perfect attendance.

The curriculum begins with a year of study of the Old Testament, followed by the New Testament, the Book of Mormon and then Church History. By the time a student graduates, he will have covered all four areas of scripture study. During this time, through games and various drills, the students master 100 scriptures, 25 from each discipline. These classes seek to provide a spiritual and social climate and to prepare young people for effective service and missions.

Students from eight area congregations, their teachers, church leaders and hundreds of family members and friends gathered for an annual seminary graduation ceremony at the Niceville Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 9. The students provided the music and the talks and testimonies for the program.

This year was the first time a graduate, Leah Smartt, received her diploma by taking online seminary classes, and another first was that three young men received their mission calls. Matthew Crabtree and Spencer Mailes will serve in Japan, and David Matthews will travel to Brazil.

More than 60 undergraduates in this program received certificates of completion. Misty Morgan of Olive Branch supervises Early Morning Seminary and is in charge of graduation.

Graduates are:

Crestview 1st Ward: Austin Boyd, Kylie Robinson

Crestview 2nd Ward: Taylor Corbin, David Matthews

Defuniak Springs Ward: Jason Jones

Fort Walton Beach 1st Ward: Audrey Grannan

Fort Walton Beach 2nd Ward: Anna Christopherson, Matthew Crabtree, Areanne Orse

Niceville Ward: Anna Clifton, Emily Hanchett, Spencer Mailes, Madison Riley

Olive Branch: Harrison Walker

Sandestin Branch: Leah Smartt