WONDERFUL THINGS: Theology or Meology?

James Calderazzo

Here’s a little test for this month’s column:  Which of these sermons would you be most interested in hearing?  Raising Courageous Kids, God is a Holy God, Finding Your Purpose, Seeing the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, Get the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted or In Control: Our God is a Sovereign God?

Now let me say that each of these are legitimate sermon topics and could be spoken about faithfully from the Scriptures. However, the topics that most draw our attention may reveal something about our hearts and desires. Notice, three of the sermons are about “me” (being a good parent, finding my purpose, having a good marriage), and three of the sermons are about God (He is Holy, He is Glorious, He is Sovereign).

Do you see? Your preference may point to your priority. Am I more interested in God, or am I more interested in me? Am I God-centered in my life and thinking, or am I man-centered? When we are not God-centered, we care less about God and His character and more about “How Can I Live My Best Life Now.” We are not interested in theology and doctrinal precision because we are not so interested in God. We are interested in tips in how to live, because we are primarily interested in ourselves.  Some have called this the eclipsing of Theology with Me-ology.  The shift may seem subtle, but its effects are immense.

God has made us with hearts that can only be satisfied with the splendor of a glorious God and not a focus on self.  We get a taste of this great truth when we stand at the beach and watch a sunset. There is something that happens when we see the beauty of the dimming sun reflecting on the water — when the clouds seem to flame orange and red.  We “ooh” and we “aah.” We feel … deep joy and even delight, forgetting about ourselves and being overwhelmed with great splendor.

The most glorious sunset, the most stunning mountains, the grandest canyon pale in their beauty compared to the splendor of the God of heaven and earth.  We have been made to stand in breathtaking awe of divine glory. Only He can satisfy your heart and mine.  

But how can we see this God? We get glimpses of His glory in the world He has made, but the Bible tells us that God is seen most clearly as we look to His only Son, Jesus Christ. He “is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact imprint of His nature” (Hebrews 1:3).

Don’t get me wrong — tips for daily living are of some benefit. But we were made for — and we long for — more. Look to the Jesus of the Scriptures and … see.  See glory, see splendor, see an amazing Savior, and see if you do not find what your heart yearns for most.

James Calderazzo is pastor of Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church in Destin. He can be reached at safeharborpca@gmail.com.