Local charity to help families in the Philippines

Brooke Frizzell, Special to The Log

Mission Love Seeds is a local charity that was formed in 2004 to feed and clothe the poor and hungry around the world. Barbi Carroll, president, lives in Destin with her husband, John Hawbaker. Mission Love Seeds administers the food supply going to families, medical assistance and a Bible study program. Families are provided food and care on a monthly basis.

Since Mission Love Seeds formed, they have taken on the challenge of helping nine villages in the Philippines as well as communities in the United States that have been affected by natural disasters.

Since 2004,the mission has built four churches, two schools/libraries, installed eight water purification systems, started a sponsor a child program, hosts monthly clothing and food distribution, and started a farming and housing program in the villages in the Philippines.  They have even provided a playground so the children will have a safe place to play with other children.

Fortunately, the Mission Love Seeds Villages were spared from the violent super typhoon.

They learned, after talking with leaders in each of the nine villages, many of the people are crying and depressed because they have parents and close relatives in the most affected areas of the super typhoon and have had no word from them since the typhoon made land fall. News is not good coming from the devastated areas. There are reports that there could be 10,000 lives lost in addition to extensive property damage.

Mission Love Seeds feels God’s calling to help hurting families affected by the super typhoon. The mission coordinator, Fely Zapanta, and volunteers who are on the ground in the Philippines, will travel by vehicle and boat carrying as much medical and cooking supplies as possible to treat and feed thousands who are living in shelters and tents.

Barbi and her husband John love the children in the Philippines like they are their own children. I personally know Barbi and her husband John and can attest that they will do everything possible to help the families that need assistance.

Brooke Frizzell is a former Destin resident who now lives in Mount Dora, Fla.