Mission Love Seeds' team to search for missing after typhoon

Barbi Carroll, Special to The Log

On Nov. 13, Mission Love Seeds wired funds to purchase relief supplies for families devastated by the super typhoon in the Philippines. Praise God, the mission was able to wire more funds Nov. 14. Thank you, Jesus!

None of this would be possible without so many of you digging deep into your pockets to help the hurting people affected by this terrible disaster. Zapanta Fely and the staff are very busy purchasing supplies as funds are received.

The mission team’s plan is to first travel to Alang Alang (See map) in Leyte, where Tess Apable, one of our mission families has close relatives and have had no word since the super typhoon made landfall.

The team will check on as many of the missing relatives as possible, distribute relief supplies, pass out gospel tracts and pray with hurting families. It’s a very long way to Leyte from Antipolo. Fely would like to take as many supplies as possible. Just getting the supplies to the hurting families is very expensive. If you have not already given to help the Philippines, please consider donating today!

Mission Love Seeds is willing to go, to be a helping hand in this time of great need, but we need your help. You can be assured every dollar will go to help hurting families. In order to do this, the mission need funds now. No donation is too small!

To make a donation go to and click on the donate button or send your check to Mission Love Seeds, P.O Box 1717 Destin, Fl 32540

Barbi Carroll, founder and president of Mission Love Seeds based in Destin, and her husband, John Hawbaker, have dedicated their lives to helping children and families around the world. In addition to supporting nine villages in the Philippines, MLS is always one of the first to respond during catastrophic events, such as Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, tornadoes in America and typhoons in the Philippines.