2013 a year of building for Mission Love Seeds

Barbi Carroll, Special to The Log
The pastor’s house and houses 17 (pictured) and 18 are made possible by Jeremiah Seitz, Thess Embile Seitz, Garry and Jan Priday Seitz and all their supporters.

On behalf of Mission Love Seeds, thank you all for your help and support in 2013. With God's help, the mission made huge progress by adding three new villages, making a total of nine villages the mission is working in the Philippines.

Four new houses were built in the village of Galilee making a total of 18 houses that have been built in the village of Galilee, and the pastor’s house is under construction and will be completed later this month, making a total of 19 houses that have been built so far.

Feedings and Bible studies were held and will continue on a regular basis, and a mass wedding was held in December for couples who could not afford the high cost of a marriage license. The mission also received more funding to complete the basketball/volleyball courts in Galilee.

Many truck loads of supplies and furniture were sent to Appalachia, Ky., to help families who live below the poverty line. The mission teamed up with many other organizations, to help families in need, by MLS providing beds and furniture, so kids would have a bed to sleep on. Gift cards andtoys were sent to families in other states, such as Ohio and others, so kids would have a Christmas.

MLS teamed up with Generous Heart Ministry and my dear sisters in Christ, The Destin United Methodist Women, to provide Christmas for kids of Lutheran Services of Florida in Crestview.

It's only through your prayers and support we were able to do all this and so much more. Many thanks to the many supporters all over the world who helped to make all this possible.

There is no way any of this could have been accomplished without the love and help of the mission coordinator in the Philipines, Zapanta Fely, and her whole family.

Barbi Carroll is the co-founder and president of Mission Love Seeds, based in Destin.