Changing lives, one child at a time

Pam Griffin
The smile on Aliah’s face says it all. She would rather have a photo of her sponsor, Lisa Gaddis, than gold.

Since Mission Love Seeds was founded in 2004, it has expanded its ministry in many directions. It is not just food, clothing, medical/dental and toys anymore.

MLS now builds churches, schools, libraries and houses. And they improve children’s physical and emotional well-being with playgrounds, basketball courts and more.

But Mission is always trying to improve the lives and minds of “their” children through education. Families in Destin and around the country have signed up to sponsor a child, and some sponsor them all the way through college.

One of these sponsors is Lisa Gaddis of Destin, who wrote the following:

“In March 2012, I was honored to become a sponsor for a beautiful 11-year-old girl named Aliah in the Philippines. My simple donation of $360 (year) made it possible for Aliah to go to school. This small amount of money covered her education, school uniform, school supplies, dental treatments and much more. I have ongoing communication with Aliah via email and video. Fely, a hands-on passionate coordinator for MLS in the Philippines, walks miles daily to get letters and gifts and send them back translated from Tagalog.

“$360 may not be a lot of money to some people, but being a single mom as I am, $360 was. God just laid on my heart to write a check for $360 and put it in the mailbox that night. I didn't know where my power bill was coming from, but I didn't argue, I put that check in the mailbox that second. No kidding.

“When my power bill showed up, I had overpaid the previous month and, because I was moving, I even received a refund — it was already taken care of. Walk by faith.”

Gaddis said giving the money has humbled her, as well as her children.

“It has also given me the love of a child and her family whom I have come to know personally,” she told The Log.

Gaddis has also watched Mission Love Seeds build the houses in the Philippines, and has long wanted to build one for Aliah and her family, but could not do it alone.

“Over the past two years, I have watched many colorful houses being built by sponsors,” Gaddis said. “Last year, a woman who used to live in Destin sponsored five houses in honor of her children and grandchildren.”

The cost to build these colorful concrete “rainbow” homes is $3,500, and the furniture for the entire house is $350. Aliah's family is next in line to receive a new house — #19.

Gaddis really wants to be the one to build the house for Aliah and her family to let them know how much she loves them, but she needs help.  

“I've never asked for anything from anyone, but I'm asking now,” she said. “Will you please help me?”

If you have always wanted to help build a house for a family living in poverty and could never afford to do it on your own, you now have a chance to team with Lisa Gaddis and Mission Love Seeds to bless a family in the Philippines.

To help, send a check to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Drive E, Destin FL 32541. Note on check House for Aliah. Donations may also be made at through Paypal or at No donation is too small.

“And if by chance we raise more money, all of that will go to Mission Love Seeds,” Gaddis said. “Perhaps other families will get an opportunity to live in a real house, too. If you have the opportunity, sponsor a child. You won't understand how awesome your heart will feel.

“My Mom, Debbie Queen, would always say, ‘If you need help ask. You have to put words (prayer) from your heart before anyone will know that they are allowed to bless you. We are all angels undercover.’”