The orphans of Kasambara

Pam Griffin
DWC Kenya plans to help the orphans in Kasambara.

Al and Missy Terry and their 15-year-old daughters, Victoria and Sophia, moved in September to Soysambu Wildlife Conservancy — Nakura, Kenya. They began Destiny Kenya, an outreach of Destiny Worship Center in Miramar Beach.

They have been helping numerous children and families over the past few months and are now helping the orphaned children at Kasambara.

“The amazing thing that ministers to me is that there isn’t an orphanage building,” Al told The Log. “The women who care for these children are really caretakers. They took these kids into their homes without fear of contracting HIV and hardly enough food. They are old. If you met them, you would think they are the ones in need of help. They just flat out trust God.”

The caretakers and children live in mud huts with dirt floors and have no money. But they do have big hearts.

“They take these kids into their homes and share their love,” Terry said. “We just want to do what we can to help. You can’t fix everything. You just want to let them know they aren’t forgotten. They are loved. Jesus really does love them.”

If you would like to be a part of this mission and help the 50+ Kasambara orphans, you may become a one-time sponsor for $30. To donate, visit or donate through Destiny Worship Center, in which you need to put DWC Kenya in the memo field. If you donate at church in the offering, please write DWC Kenya. Also, let Al know via Facebook so he can know how many supplies to purchase.

At the end of the month, the mission team will return to Kasambara. They intend to de-worm the children and any adults present and provide vitamins for three months. They also want to take a foam mattress for each child, a blanket and lunch. Most of the children sleep now on a dirt floor and it’s cold in the mountains.

“We are hoping to do this in the 13 other villages on Soysambu as well,” Al said. “It may take a year, but it is a goal. I would bet that most of these children have never had a mattress before.”