COLUMN: How faith works as I understand it

Capt. Ben Marler
Capt. Ben Marler

Special to The Log

Most folks have faith and use it daily for things like crossing bridges in their vehicles or actually entering into a flow of traffic that’s speeding along. 

They believe they will be OK and drive along using their cell phones, using makeup, eating or doing something other than giving their driving their full attention. 

This is a false faith for the Lord isn’t into it. It’s really foolishness and He isn’t into that at all.  

A speck of real faith is what we receive at conception and it has to do with us being able to call Jesus OUR Lord later on. This faith grows as we read and hear the Word of God. However, if we deny ourselves the privilege, there’s a time coming when we will “fall away” for there is nothing to hold us to His promise. 

Even those who attend church worship services seem to have a “poor faith,” for few seem to leave inspired to go and tell others about the Lord they say they believe in. 

If they truly believed wouldn’t they be busy doing the things assigned to them as a child of God? The answer is obvious to me for I’m a poster child for one who was raised in the “church” but when outside of it my heart was more set upon the things of the world than on those above. 

True faith is “expectant” and “exciting,” for with it we enter into God’s daily game plan for where we live. I’m often shocked how He uses me now. He can for I received Amazing Grace and I know Jesus and I also know there’s something exciting for each day coming up. 

True faith demands I stay on my “game” and I’ve become a pain to the devil and those who seem to like him a lot. 

True faith will draw anyone into an intimate relationship with Jesus while other kinds of “faith” will only draw them near enough to hear about Him. 

True faith is necessary for us to literally lay our lives down to His Lordship. The other kind will call Him their Savior but it’s not true for He isn’t their Lord. 

True faith will allow us to do the things He did and even greater things. 

True faith is never large, but it’s powerful even enough to move mountains and have trees cast into the sea if it’s as large as a mustard seed. This kind of true faith is given to few who are responsible to walk in the sandals of Jesus. They are absolutely dead to self and alive to God’s slightest desire. 

The Lord wants everyone to have true faith and is willing to grant it but is waiting at the Cross where we die to this life and give our all to His Son Jesus. 

Do you want to become a child of God? Within this message is all you need and not a speck has anything to do with religion. 

Your future rests only in your hands and yours alone. Please feel free to ask for help if you believe I can assist you.  

Since I’m headed towards 76 in July. don’t put it off. OK?  

Capt. Ben Marler, a longtime Destin resident, fisherman and author of “Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child,” “4 o’clock in the morning,” and “I Am Not Ashamed of Jesus,” can be reached at