Blessings rain down on ‘Breath of Heaven’

Pam Griffin
The kids hold a bar of soap, which might possibly be their first ever, as they sit on large bags of rice and other foods. Full tummies and clean little bodies — what could be better for Easter.

In the past three weeks, the lives of 28 orphans at the Breathe of Heaven orphanage in Watamu, Kenya, have changed for the better. Prayers are being answered on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

Supporters of Destin-based Mission Love Seeds have turned into an army of God’s people, giving almost before they know the need.

Just in the last week, money from supporters was wired to Kenya and the food so desperately needed was purchased and delivered to the orphanage.

“Supporters hard-earned dollars are already working to bless the orphans,” Barbi Carroll, founder of MLS told The Log. “Some purchases included rice, beans, sugar, bread flour, another kind of flour that is used there a lot, and cooking oil. There are funds left over for meats, fruits, veggies and seasoning.”

Pastor Samuel Omondi Oguna, whose ministry founded the orphanage, told The Log from Kenya they are planning to have a “big Easter dinner for all the children to celebrate God’s blessings.”

Another immediate need was medical treatment for the children and others in the village suffering with jigger bites. The treatments have now increased to twice a week, and enough is funded for several more weeks. Pastor Samuel reports that the children are progressing well.

The buildings have new concrete floors in the school thanks to Destin’s Generous Heart Ministry, and in the church, thanks to an anonymous Destin supporter.

And they will no longer have to sleep on dusty, dirty floors. The new floor is being made possible by Judy and Crawford Jones of Destin.


More prayers were immediately answered when 50 chairs to be used in the church were donated by Dave Gant of Crescent, Okla., in addition to his food donation.

“Each Sunday, children’s school benches and desks are used for seating,” Carroll said. “The church can now provide the setting for a beautiful Easter service tomorrow.”

Also, supporters Gary and Suzy Sims of Destin, Rosemary Hean of Montgomery, Ala., Jewel Toffier of Santa Rosa Beach, and Debra Stickelber of Santa Rosa Beach, have made it possible for a water supply to be created near the orphanage. Pastor Samuel reports the water supply should be finished this coming week.

Life is improving rapidly for these 28 orphans. They are eating much more, receiving medicines they need, and sanitary conditions are being implemented that will make their lives so much better.


Mission Love Seeds still continues its daily work in the nine villages in the Philippines. They recently had feedings in all of them, made possible by Destin United Methodist Church and the Life Center.

“Vacation Bible School was held this week in the villages,” Carroll said. “Shaped to Serve God selected youth from each village to volunteer and share the love of Jesus with younger kids.”

And the work of MLS continues locally as they continue to give to local families who may need food, clothes, household items or more.

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If you would like to donate, click on “Donate” or mail checks to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Drive E., Destin FL 32541. No donation is too small.